10 Tips for RV Camping with a Dog

RV Tips: How to Travel with a Dog

One of the many reasons we love RVing is that our pets get to travel with us! In this video, we share 10 tips for RV camping with dogs. Fittingly, our pup, Star, is the star of this video! For more on these tips, please visit our website: https://rvtexasyall.com/top-ten/ten-tips-for-traveling-with-a-dog.

Follow Star on Twitter for a dog’s eye perspective of RV camping: https://twitter.com/RVTXDog.

This video was filmed at Palmetto State Park, Gonzales TX. To see more of this beautiful park, watch our Palmetto State Park video: https://youtu.be/3FsMuA851yo

See More Tips for RVers: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VoDiBLXmydQ&list=PL3vGBOkcBm2WoRPaExM0UiYtWoPidDtTU

We (Tom & Stacie) are Native Texans who are all about exploring the Lone Star State in our weekend home on wheels. We’re always looking for fun and interesting places to visit. We’d love to hear your suggestions on fun and interesting places to visit. Please leave a comment below!

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