DIY Camp Cooking Hacks #8: How To Construct A Useful

This is Video #8 from my previously member-only video series from 2017:

“20+ DIY Off-Grid Cooking Hacks For Small Camper / Vanlife”

Here’s a way to make a more versatile Hobo Stove.

Links to all the video modules are below:

“Learn 20+ DIY Off-Grid Cooking Hacks That You Can Make And Use For Nearly FREE –Without Taking Up Precious Space In Your ‘Tiny House’ Van Or Camper!”

Cook Rice, Beans, And Potatoes With Only A Few Minutes-Worth Of Fuel, While Baking Cake, Cookies, And Delicious “Brick Oven Style Pizza” With Recycled Items And “Almost Free” Fuel

Most online instructions for building awesome Off-Grid Cooking Devices like Solar Ovens and Parabolic Reflectors or using great techniques like Thermal Cooking or Wood Stove Cooking assume that you’re a homesteader or backyard experimenter with lots of space at your disposal.

In other words, they’re not thinking about Campers with limited space. (Personally, my home on wheels is less than 35 square feet — way way smaller than the tiniest of “Tiny Houses”!)

So my primary requirements for any “oven” or “stove” are that it be some ideal combination of…

1) Small
2) Lightweight
3) Easy to pack away to store

And purely by preference, my other primary requirement is this:

I can make and use it for Practically Free!

If you’re interested in learning 20+ DIY Cooking Hacks For Campers that are not only ridiculously easy, but Dirt Cheap, and easily storable in your tiny Truck Camper or Camper Van, then you’ll want to study these videos:

Module 1. Simple “universal” tricks you likely never heard of to help you cook more efficiently and save valuable fuel (Video Length 7:39)

Module 2.. Easy way to extend cooking time using ordinary items you probably already have in your camper (Video Length 7:23)

Module 3. Using a common $2 thrift store item to “long-simmer” foods like rice, beans, and potatoes for hours. (Video Length 13:07)

Module 4. Adjust slow-cook recipes to cook overnight and be “perfectly” done and hot when you wake up — despite using ZERO extra fuel! (Video Length 10:41)

Module 5. A better way to cook with wood *without* a campfire — great during “No open campfires” season! (Video Length 21:19)

Module 6. See my amazing “Smoke-Free” Wood Stove that burns like propane (when I use ___ for wood), which I use every day. (Video Length 16:39)

Module 7. Learn about the most versatile wood stove ever — so simple, you can make one in a survival situation! (Video Length 24:11)

Module 8. How to make a really useful Multi-Function Tin-Can Stove — Cost $0 + tools you may already have. (Video Length 53:40)

Module 9. Construction Video: DIY Clean-Burning Wood Stove that burns for an hour unattended! (Video Length 42:51)

Module 10. How to multiply your cooking possibilities by cutting up a single free tin can. (Video Length 58:23)

Module 11. Absurdly simple way to Hack Ordinary Backpacking Pots for delicious cake or baked potatoes without burning. (Video Length 13:56)

Module 12. How to find Free Charcoal and bake your favorite recipes with a recycled cardboard box. (Video Length 17:53)

Module 13. An amazing way to use recycled items from your camper (plus 1 “easily-found item”) to achieve “Brick Oven” Pizza baking temperature. (Video Length 7:56)

Module 14. A stupidly simple hack you can perform on hot days to cook food using your camper’s windshield. (Video Length 8:27)

Module 15. Learn a certain way to fold up an ordinary automotive item to cook using the sun — Without building a thing! (Video Length 11:38)

Module 16. Cut up a box and stick it here while you’re in town shopping — return to find your food baked and ready to eat. (Video Length 34:34)

Module 17. How to make a space-saving Collapsible Solar Box Oven that folds up for easy storage. (Video Length 26:41)

Bonus Module 18: Make a powerful stove with a recycled cat food can and a hole punch. (Video Length 11:21)

Bonus Module 19: Make a simple “pocket stove” made from a Sucrets can. (Video Length 14:32)

Bonus Module 20: Build a classic DIY “soda can stove” that burns like your kitchen stove. (Video Length 28:59)

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