Survive Food Shortages! SERE Hunting Kit and Survival Skills! Fish,

A TON of Survival information in a short video. Learn how to make a Survival Hunting Kit, Survival Spear, Snares, Clubs, Throwing Sticks, and Fishing Gear!

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Video: How to Make a Gill Net!

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Check out MY GEAR!

Condor Parang:

Multi-Cam Rucksack:

Snugpak Sleeping Bag:

Potassium Permanganate:

Aqua Quest Defender Tarp 10’x10′:

Military Bungee Cords:

Military Sewing Kit:

Mora Companion HD:

Bahco Laplander Saw:

Sniper Veil:

Military Signaling Mirror:

VS-17 Panel:

IR Strobe:

Lensatic Compass:


Swagman Roll/Poncho Liner:

Wet Weather Bag:

Camouflage Compact:

100mph Tape:

L-Shape Flashlight:

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