The Rendezvous: Famous YouTubers Share Outdoor Gear Reviews & Tips

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The Rendezvous: Famous YouTubers Share Outdoor Gear Reviews & Tips While Winter Camping on Lake Ice: Joe Robinet put a camping trip together with a bunch of big-name outdoor YouTubers and there was a great turn-out! Check out the list of who was there below. Because of all the various wilderness techniques and camping gear packed into the backcountry by nearly 20 outdoorsy people on this trip, I got to witness a lot of different kinds of gear and winter wilderness travel styles. So, in this video, I share a few of the different kinds of hot tents, canvas tents, and portable wood stoves used at the rendezvous, as well as systems for transporting gear including sleds, pulks, toboggans dogs, snowmobiles, and more. We also demonstrate camping on the frozen lake and we couldn’t find an on-land site big enough for us all after about a 5km trek in. Oh, and Tori and I brought our baby, Hudson. In this video, I also give a little review of a good travel chainsaw, the STIHL ms170, and I share an effective ice fishing technique.

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Here are the YT channels from all the YouTubers who attended the Rendezvous. Many of them uploaded videos from this trip as well, check them out!

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